We met on Labor Day weekend in 2009, thanks to the now legendary social atmosphere of Colin’s workplace, TIG. Mari’s roommate, Ileza, was also working at TIG and convinced her to come out to a colleague’s goodbye party one night. Thus, Mari found herself at one of Adams Morgan’s hallowed institutions: Millie & Al’s bar, complete with DJ Brown Sugar spinning on the 1’s and 2’s.

Being fresh out of college and outstandingly broke, Mari had pulled a really classy move and had smuggled in a few beers in her purse. After commenting on the cute guy at the bar, she turned around to open one of her bottles…only to find out that Ileza had brought over the cute guy to meet her. Turns out, Mari and Colin had been accidentally circling each other for a year, going out with all of the same people, but never overlapping.

Colin’s first visual of Mari was her freezing mid-twist on a bottle cap. Needless to say, it was love at first sight – or at least, a whole lot of admiration.


Mari works in higher education, is an expert at dismembering turkeys for Friendsgiving, and ran a half marathon exactly one time.


Colin works in digital marketing, is frustratingly good at athletic endeavors, and firmly believes in the magic of every 1980s movie ever created.