Rachel (Maid of Honor): Fitness buddy, travel companion, sorority grandlittle - Rachel wears many important titles in Mari's life. But above all, she is a wonderful and steadfast friend who Mari cannot wait to celebrate with!Rachel Urban (Maid of Honor): Rachel has been around for some pretty important parts of Mari’s life. Highlights include lessons on how to play impossibly complicated board games, running a half marathon together, and learning the intricacies of hitting a golf ball approximately twenty feet to the right at the driving range. In addition to all that, Rachel is Mari’s sorority grand-little from back in their college days, and a source of great advice and laughter. Mari is thrilled Rachel will be with her on her wedding day as her maid of honor!

Ileza Dantzig (Bridesmaid): Mari and Ileza met in college thanks to their sorority, AEPhi. In addition to sharing a mean love for brunch, Mexican food and, well, general food-related topics, the two had an on again, off again, roommate relationship that saw them through a summer in the notorious Berkshire apartment complex, all the way to a 2 bedroom in Adams Morgan. Mari is thrilled both to have Ileza with her on her wedding day, and to support her as one of her bridesmaids when she gets married this May.


Ileza Dantzig (Bridesmaid): Mari and Ileza met in college through their sorority, AEPhi. In addition to sharing a mean love for brunch, they also shared a total of 3 apartments. Mari and Ileza’s occupancy tour de force took them from the depths of the Berkshire apartment complex, all the way over to the bars in Adams Morgan. Mari is excited to be one of her Ileza’s bridesmaids as well, when she marries her fiance Jon in May 2016!

Kristin Greene (Bridesmaid): Kristin, aka KK, was Mari's 'big sister' in their sorority at American University. In addition to her sarcastic sense of humor and a penchant for Hello Kitty merchandise, KK sure knows how to rock a sombrero.


Kristin Greene (Bridesmaid): Kristin, aka KK, was Mari’s ‘big sister’ in their sorority at American University. KK is known for her sarcastic sense of humor, penchant for Hello Kitty merchandise, and superb fashion sense (as evidenced by this obviously iconic photo). KK is always there for Mari, be it with honest advice, an ear to listen, or an expertly-deployed text of pretty much any chubby baby animal.


ginaGina Hawkins (Bridesmaid): Gina holds a special place in Mari’s heart – in addition to being her friend, she is also Mari’s godmother. She was there for Mari throughout the year she studied for and converted to Catholicism, and even after the wedding she will outdo Colin on the number of times she has stood with Mari at the altar. Oh yeah – and she really, really likes David Copperfield.



680368_10100521019774152_556715552_oNikki Rosso (Bridesmaid): Nikki is Mari’s cousin and as little girls, they would swap outfits to confuse their family over who was who. Now that Nikki is a head taller, the difference is finally enough that their mothers don’t attempt to take the other one home after family gatherings. From spending summers together with their cousins and annoying the crap out of each other, to growing up and learning the value of girl talk, Mari is so happy that her “twin” will be helping her get married in October.


Taylor & Colin outside Temple Bar in IrelandIMG_2851Taylor Poschmann (Best Man): Taylor is Colin’s cousin. They grew up spending summers together at their grandparents’ house in Hilton Head, SC, but didn’t get really close until Colin spent a summer teaching tennis in Taylor’s hometown on Long Island. Since then they have traveled all over the world together, playing a little golf and visiting a few pubs along the way. They have spent the past 9 years attending each others birthday celebrations (Taylor’s is known as Posch-a-palooza), and giving and receiving fantastic presents. Colin may or may not have gotten a katana sword (Is it authentic? We are not licensed sword makers so we can’t say for sure) for his last birthday. You may recognize Taylor at the wedding saying/yelling one of the following statements: “Family First!”, “Follow Your Heart Song!”, and looking for Colin by shouting “Coloooooonial Foot Solider!” across the room. Colin is so happy to have Taylor standing next to him in October!


Tim Mullane (Groomsman): Tim and Colin met their freshmen year at the University of Arizona. They were walk-ons for the men’s tennis team together, and as lowly walk-ons “got to play” (aka, nobody else wanted to play with them) a lot of practice sets and tiebreakers against each other. Colin puts their all-time college record at 51% Colin vs. 49% Tim. The post-college record looks more like the Arizona vs. Stanford men’s tennis record, in Tim’s favor. If you are a St. Louis O’Grady or a beer fan, Tim’s your man to talk to at the wedding as he works for Anheuser-Busch/InBev. Tim has been a great friend to Colin over the years. He has been there for Colin through good times and bad and Colin is so glad to have Tim here during this “best of times.”

colin ogrady wedding - seanSean O’Grady (Groomsman)
: Sean is Colin’s younger brother, and the youngest of the O’Grady boys. They grew up sharing a room together, and Colin even sat through the Power Rangers movie for Sean’s 6th birthday party.¬† Sean – there’s another MMPR movie coming out next year…can you say 28th bday party?!? Sean frequently visited Colin on the weekends at the U of A and his ability to make money off drunk college kids was legendary. Sean was probably the only 14-year old that knew what a Red Tag was in Tucson. You will recognize Sean at the wedding (if he makes his flight) as one of four people that look eerily like the groom. Feel free to ask Sean about when his wedding will be. ūüôā



Thad O’Grady (Groomsman): Thad is Colin’s older brother. They also shared a room growing up (were there more than two rooms in this house?) where they played lots of Nerf Jam basketball games against each other and Colin not so slyly borrowed Thad’s clothes in middle school. FYI, this was a time when Tommy Hilfiger and Abercrombie & Fitch were in their heyday. Thad took Colin to his first ever bar – granted, Colin was really just used as a DD for New Years, so well played Thad. Feel free to ask Thad how old Colin was at the time.

SPG_Moments_-_Yes_I_do_Algarve_Photography_030.jpg.572x381Brian O’Grady (Groomsman): Brian is Colin’s older brother. They never bunked in the same room but that doesn’t mean that Colin didn’t sneak in to grab some of Brian’s hidden candy and wear his clothes in high school. Brian caught him every time. Over the last few years, Brian, Taylor, and Colin have taken up golf and traveled to many interesting and exotic destinations. Brian is one of the most competitive people you will ever meet; however, Colin is slowly wearing him down with the constant golf beat downs. That said, once you put a monetary value on a wager, get ready for some questionable score keeping and some serious “NOOO-NAN!” (Caddyshack reference) being thrown at¬†you in the middle of your back swing. Feel free to ask Brian about his latest golf exploits and also what credit card you should sign up for next.

Kevin O’Grady (Groomsman): Kevin is Colin’s oldest brother. OK. If you’ve read¬†this far you will have¬†likely noticed a theme. Clearly the¬†O’Grady’s¬†are Irish Catholics, so naturally there are a lot of them. Kevin, being the oldest, recently pointed out that he attended private school for most of his K-12 years,¬†this in contrast to the last two kids (Colin & Sean) who had to fend for themselves on the mean and gritty public school streets of Tempe. As the oldest child, Kevin is wise and all-knowing on most¬†subjects. Feel free to ask Kevin any questions on the¬†Bay Area, as he has lived there the past 20 years. FYI: Don’t call it Frisco. They hate that!